Our Story

The Future Looks Bright
We created Colgate Connect to try something new.

We’re a big company, proudly employing 38,000 people who work hard to make the safe, effective, world-leading products you trust and have used for years.  Colgate helps you take the best care of your smile. We know oral care.

So, what’s new?  Our team.

Colgate Connect is a small, dedicated group of people inspired by the possibility of using new technology to make everyday life healthier.  We built and experimented with sensor technologies to answer your most commonly asked question - ‘How do I know if I did a good job brushing my teeth?’  By combining our deep knowledge in oral care with a team of experts in sensors, machine learning and artificial intelligence, we discovered we could make something new and special.

The Colgate Connect E1 Smart Toothbrush is our debut.  It combines the best in brush design with the ability to track your brushing, so you know instantly if you’ve cleaned every surface of every tooth. It’s a true breakthrough.  And it’s just the beginning.

As technology develops we will only get smarter—and so will our solutions.  We‘ll give you more insight into your health with devices that spot problems before they start, and we will make these solutions accessible to everyone, not just an elite few.  We’re already working with some of the world’s best minds and innovators to make this happen.  

And since great oral health is synonymous with  great overall health, we are collaborating with all kinds of professional health experts to connect the dots.  So please stay connected and check up on us!

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